High available infrastructure

The latest technologies, fully customized
infrastructure service, high availability
and efficiency on Tier 3+ provider
to ensure aspiring 100% uptime

Upscale development

Benefit from the experience of our
Developers specialize in Data Science
and DevOps who have worked for
large international companies

Integrated cybersecurity system

Risk minimization provided by a complex of
cybersecurity measures and technologies,
сontinuous monitoring and 24/7
support by our experienced team


Our team

We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts, with a great professional background in server operations and administration. We actively participate in dozens of testnets, helping to keep them running and debugging, participating in development and support for an early start. We also already support several projects as mainnet va​​lidators. Our credo is only modern servers in large data centers. 

We do not use cheap virtual servers, only dedicated powerful servers that we assemble into clusters and deploy our own infrastructure on them. This allows us to uncompromisingly ensure reliability and availability of data, as well as high uptime of our nodes. In addition, the use of multi-level monitoring systems and a professional support team allows us to solve non-trivial problems quickly and efficiently. 

Join the world of crypto, participate in supporting progressive blockchain networks, strengthen networks with your staking, and make money from it! Write to us if you are interested in supporting our project, ready to delegate our validators or just want to get answers to any questions.

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